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Healthcare 2.0 Solution

■ HOPS is a Suite of Healthcare Technology Solutions and Services offered to the entire health sector: hospitals, remote care facilities, doctors, diagnostic centres, clinics, medical offices, and governments for their national public health programs.

■ Solution that integrates the IT systems of insurance companies, medical centers, pharmacies and processing units for real-time and automated claims management.

■ HOPS is an end-to-end Healthcare Technology Solutions and Services Suite developed since 2010 by physicians and IT engineers. The solution was developed in compliance with international standards, in particular HL7.

■ The challenge was to create an ecosystem for small pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical testing centres, dispensaries, mobile medical units, remote clinics located in rural areas to enable them to simply integrate and interact with clinical information collected from the patient’s unique identifier managed through the platform.

■ HOPS is a leading provider of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Tele-Clinics, Telemedicine and practice management solutions.

■ The success of the solution was built on a team with both technology and medical procedure expertise, with experience working in the field. Our headquarters are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with offices in Atlanta (USA), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Nijmegen (Netherlands), Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Zambia (Africa).

■ HOPS is composed of several integrated modules developed to communicate with laboratory instruments, medical devices and screening kits, to provide immediate access to electronic medical record (EMR) and patient information, as well as to facilitate electronic payments and manage e-prescriptions.

■ The Solution integrates with the country’s digital payment solutions and integrates into the ecosystem of international payment solutions deployed by E3A Corp. allowing the payment of care by relatives and family abroad.

Advantages of the HOPS Solution

Operational Solution

Solution installed and operational on 4 continents for more than 50 healthcare institutions managing more than 15,000 hospital beds.

International Standards

HOPS has been developed by healthcare professionals in full compliance with international standards, in particular HL7.

Economic Model

Business model specifically adapted to emerging markets for rapid implementation within a country and within health facilities.

Support 24/7

International network of doctors and health professionals for continuous support in patient care and care monitoring.