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Ecosystème de Paiements Internationaux

■ The development of user demand to send and receive money from abroad or from a competing service at national or international level is nowadays the major challenge of mobile payment

■ E3A Corp. federates an ecosystem of partners that cover and offer products and services from 130 countries, including more than 50,000 POS in the main countries of the African continent.

■ Thanks to its complete control of payment services regulations in several countries / economic zones, E3A Corp. ensures its partners an internationalization in the rules imposed by the Regulatory Authorities

■ E3A Corp. leverages its ecosystem of partners to offer a unique range of payment services worldwide.

Why work with us?

Large catalogue of Payment Services.

Our ecosystem of partners allows us to cover all continents and to aggregate a large catalogue of Payment Services.

Business Model

Competitive rates and business models adapted to the different markets targeted.

API Restful

Interconnection through a single API to be integrated to access our various Payment Services.

Support 24/7

Support team to ensure quality of service and availability at all times.